General Topics

The scope of the Workshop includes the basic physics and chemistry of all II-VI materials and their applications. Materials of interest include HgCdTe, HgCdSe, ZnSe, ZnO, ZnS, CdTe, and CdZnTe. Issues in the following critical areas are of interest:

  1. X-Ray & Gamma-Ray Radiation Detectors
  2. Radiation Effects in HgCdTe
  3. II-VI-Based Solar Cells
  4. Materials Growth and Characterization
    • Control of composition, carrier concentration, and lifetime
    • Modeling of growth and processing
    • Equilibrium and non-equilibrium growth
  5. Defects and Doping
    • Physics of Failure
    • Characterization, particularly non-destructive
    • Effect on electrical and optical properties
    • Thermodynamics
    • P-doping issues in HgCdTe
    • Impurities
    • Diffusion
    • Activation and segregation
    • Dislocations: generation mechanisms, properties, kinetics, characterization, mitigation
  6. Surfaces and Interfaces
    • Etching, passivation, and metallization
  7. Modeling and Simulation
    • Material properties
    • Growth and processing
    • Device physics
  8. Characterization of Materials
    • Electrical, optical, and microstructural characterization
    • Defects and impurities
  9. Surface Characterization
    • Contactless and other non-destructive methods
    • Device-material correlations
  10. ZnO and ZnS Materials and Devices
  11. Magnetic Semiconductors
  12. 2D materials and Quantum Dots

  2017 Workshop Calendar

Abstract Due Date Jun 10
Notification of Accepts/Rejects Jun 30
Late-News Abstracts July 14
Extended Abstracts Aug 25
Hotel Reservation Sep 28
Workshop Registration Oct 13
Paper Submission Oct 1 - Nov 13
2017 II-VI Workshop Oct 31- Nov 2



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