Dr. Donald Reago, CERDEC Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate

New Efforts and Challenges for High Performance FPAs in the Army


Dr. Jay Lewis, DARPA Microsystems Technology Office

Wafer Scale Infrared Detectors (WIRED) and related programs at DARPA-MTO

Session Invited Speakers

The following are the invited speakers. 

  • James Beletic, President, Teledyne Imaging Sensors
    “An update on Teledyne’s II-VI technologies and image sensors, and the science that they enable.”

  • Jeff Beck, Staff Scientist, DRS Technologies
    “HgCdTe avalanche photodiodes for UV to IR photon detection.”

  • Philippe Guyot-Sionnest, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago
    "Colloidal quantum dots for infrared photodetection."

  • David Billon-Lanfrey, Sofradir
    “30 years of MCT excellence at Sofradir: achievements and future challenges.”

  • Madhu Reddy, MBE Technical Lead, Raytheon Vision Systems
    “MBE HgCdTe on Large-size Substrates.”

  • David Ting, Senior Research Scientist, NASA/JPL
    “Type-II superlattices and barrier infrared detectors.”

  • Lu Chen, Professor, Shanghai Institute of Technology
    “Recent progress on HgCdTe by MBE of SITP.”

  • Leonard Chen, Raytheon Vision Systems
    "Sensing the Spectrum at RVS."

  • Mike Scholten, Vice President, Business Development, DRS Technologies
    “HgCdTe – The workhorse material at DRS.”

  • Johan Rothman, CEA LETI
    “Physics and applications of HgCdTe APDs.”

  • Chung Han, I3 Systems
    "Current Status of IR detectors at i3 system."

  • Philip Klipstein,SCD
    "Topological insulator superlattices."

  • Chee Hing, Chair in Opto-Electronic Sensors, University of Sheffield

    “Development of photon counting using InAs Avalanche Photodiodes with negligible excess noise."

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